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Celebrating Bi Visibility Day 2019
Unmasking the Bisexual Identity: Fact vs Fiction - 25 September 2019

LBN is jointly organising an event with IPOut, generously hosted by Allen & Overy LLP.

Over the past several decades, an increasing number of lesbian and gay people have “come out” to their loved ones, communities and colleagues. Being open about their sexual orientation has helped many individuals to feel more fulfilled in their lives and careers, as well as encouraged some societies to become more inclusive.

Many bisexual people, however, have been far more reticent to come out even though ~35% of LGBT people identify as bi*. In this panel discussion, we’ll discuss what it actually means to be bisexual and tackle some of the myths associated with being attracted to more than one gender.

IP Out is for LGBT+ people and their allies working in the IP professions. Find out more information here.

For more information about this event,  including how to book tickets, visit the IP Inclusive website.

Bisexuality, Mental Health and Me at Mind - 23 September 2019

To mark Bi Visibility Day 2019, the LBN will be presenting at a 'lunch and learn' at Mind. Jonathan Andrews, co-chair of the LBN and Equality Leader at Mind, will discuss the experiences of bi people in the workplace and mental health services, including the 'Stand Bi Me' toolkit he authored, supported by Mind and Stonewall.

Topics of discussion will include a bisexuality 101, mental health experiences of bi people, and why bi mental health is important.

Panel Discussion: Intersectionality from the Bisexual Perspective
Each year on  23 September, Bisexual Visibility Day is recognised across the globe to give the “B” in LGBT an opportunity to highlight their experiences and discuss their unique challenges. Although bisexuals share a communal narrative with the LGBT community, they also have their own stories as a distinct sexual minority. For example, ~35% of LGB individuals in the UK identify as bi*, but they are far less likely to come out than their lesbian and gay peers.

Much of this has to do with the negative stereotypes associated with bisexual people—they’re seen as promiscuous, uncertain or untrustworthy. Things get even more complicated when you consider other aspects of a bi person’s identify like gender, race, religion, etc. that might impact their decision to come out to their loved ones, colleagues or community.

In this event, we will explore the topic of intersectionality and how it interplays with bisexual identities through an open dialogue with our diverse set of panelists. Sponsored by Moody's and Nomura.
To register, contact julie.pinsonneault@moodys.com.  

“Flying the flag? Raising the visibility of less visible LGBT community members - 9 September 2019

LBN Committee member Kat Howarth participated in a panel discussion at Linklaters in the lead up to Bi-Visibility Day 2019, which aimed to start discussion around members of the LGBTQ community who are less ‘visible’ in our society.

In addition to Kat, who is bisexual, the panel also involved a transgender woman, an LGBTQ person of faith, a parent of a BAME LGBTQ child and an LGBTQ parent. Discussion touched on the panel members’ various ‘coming out’ moments, which while unique had interesting similarities, and focused around the perception of society of the panel members and the intersectional strands of the community they represent. This also included a discussion of what stereotypes, perceptions and criticisms they may face from within the LGBTQ community itself.

Kat was pleased to be able to represent bisexual people and the LBN on this panel.

Bi Pride:Celebration Networking Event - 29 August 2019

Pride at Macquarie ENG is pleased to invite all of its members and allies to a networking drinks and nibbles event to celebrate Bi Pride.
Bi Pride falls on September 7 this year and, in anticipation of that, the Pride ENG will host members of the Bi Pride organising team, as well as members of the London Bisexual Network and KPMG’s David Pearson, recent winner of a British LGBT Award, who identifies as bi.

To RSVP, contact prideEMEA2@macquarie.com with the subject "Bi Pride"
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The London Bisexual Network is a professional network catering for those working in the legal, insurance, banking and professional services industries.

We aim to provide education and visibility on behalf of the bi communities within the city of London.

While primarily focused on the bi community, we welcome individuals from the greater LGBTQ and pan community, as well as allies.
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LBN Co-chair recognised by Law Society and OUTstanding  (October 2019)

The LBN is very pleased to announce that its co-chair Jonathan Andrews was recognised as the Junior Lawyer of the Year at the Law Society Excellence Awards, an annual event celebrating excellence in the legal profession. As well as legal and commercial acumen, Jonathan was also recognised for diversity & inclusion initiatives, including co-launching and co-chairing the LBN, tackling bi erasure and ensuring that bi people in the workplace are able to be themselves.

Jonathan was also recognised for his role as co-chair of the LBN by the OUTstanding LGBT+ Future Leaders List; he placed at number 14, as the highest-rated private practice solicitor.

You can read more about the Law Society Excellence Awards here and the OUTstanding lists here .”
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